An Unexpected Journey for 2022

2022 has begun with an unexpected journey. As we entered this year I was continuing to deal with symptoms from long-haul COVID and hospitalization last ...
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Hope When Life is Hard

This is my first post since returning home from the hospital last October after my battle with COVID. It was definitely something I did not ...
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Medical Update: Home Again, Home Again (9/29)

Jiggity Jig. If you haven’t already heard, MY MOM IS HOME. I don’t think you need an expert’s opinion on whether this is good news, ...
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Medical Update: The One with the Shower

This is an introductory statement. (I never know how to start these.) My mom is trying to keep a routine while she stays in the ...
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Medical Update: A Post Full of Blessings

If you’re in a bad mood, beware: this post might ruin it by reminding you how good God is. My mom is loving her new ...
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It’s a Double Update Day!

Exciting News! My mom has been moved to a facility designed to treat her long-term covid case (symptoms extending beyond 4 weeks) with more specialized ...
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Medical Update (and Some Corrections)

I have a few updates to share and a few corrections to make. Let’s start with the corrections, shall we? First, I mentioned a couple ...
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Medical Update: Good Progress

For those of you who have been following along with my mom’s progress, thank you so much for caring for her by checking in here ...
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Medical Update (9/8)

Hello! I just wanted to share a few quick updates on my mom. -She has been moved to a room on the Pre-Intensive Care Unit. ...
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Medical Update: PRAISE and More Ways to Pray

I just wanted to share some great news! My mom’s BiPap mask was removed today at 1:00 pm and replaced with a hiflow nasal tube. ...
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Health Update for Susan

“ Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, ‘Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.’” -John 7:38 On Monday, August ...
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One of Those Days

Do you ever have those days when you're just having the blahs? You're feeling down with a heaviness in your heart and spirit? I know ...
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Weary in Waiting

W A I T I N G... Is anyone weary from the waiting? Waiting for social distancing to end so we might gather and give ...
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Ten Ways to Read the Bible

Would you like to get more from your Bible reading and study time? Perhaps you're new to the Bible and not sure where to begin? ...
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Confessions of a Mama of Preschoolers

How would you feel if your daily conversations were recorded and played back for you at the end of each day? Yikes! I'm not sure ...
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Hi! I'm Susan,

I am a lover of books, antiques, gardening, decorating, baking, and all things family and home.

I am a Christ-follower who is addicted to God's Word and so thankful for how He transforms my life through it! This blog is just me sharing my walk with Jesus and all He teaches me in all the seasons and circumstances of my life. It is my hope this blog encourages you to fill your life with beauty and Truth.


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