Medical Update: PRAISE and More Ways to Pray


I just wanted to share some great news!

My mom’s BiPap mask was removed today at 1:00 pm and replaced with a nasal tube. Her breathing is remaining steady. This is a praise! On the BiPap she couldn’t close her mouth, and now she has that freedom. The machine caused pain in her shoulders, neck, and face. Now she has some relief from that weight. She is able to speak more freely and has shared that she is very grateful.

She is still not allowed to drink water. Her stats are high, but the medical team is staying cautious and keeping her activity low so as not to put unnecessary stress on her breathing.

Her nurse also has her using an inhaler that will help her lungs, and Mama is able to administer it on her own throughout the day.

How you can pray:

-That breathing would continue to improve and stats remain high

-That she would not have to return to the BiPap

-That she would remain calm as she adjusts to natural breathing and her condition improves

-That she will be patient with need to recover slowly

-That her lungs can begin the healing process

THANK YOU so much for joining us all in prayer! It is truly a blessing to lift up these requests alongside believers all over, miles apart but with one heart. We are united in Christ and in prayer. Praise the Lord for his goodness and his creative idea of community!

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Jennifer Byars

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