Medical Update (9/8)


I just wanted to share a few quick updates on my mom.

-She has been moved to a “regular” room. She is still near ICU and being cared for by an ICU nurse, but she has shown enough improvement to need a little less care.

-She is continuing to successfully use the high flow nasal tube instead of the BPAP. The hope is that she can progress to a lower flow nasal tube soon.

-She is using a spirometer at her bedside to encourage her lungs to expand.

-She is able to eat and drink on her own and move around a little bit more with help.

-She is still very tired but is progressing forward gradually.

Please continue to pray for her healing. Pray for rest and patience. Pray for her heart to be comforted and encouraged. Pray for her peace and for her to allow the Lord to be her constant companion.

Thank you for your prayers!


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Jennifer Byars

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