Lord I Want to Know You

Jehovah Ra’ah—The Lord is My Shepherd

Do you ever have those weeks where you feel like your running in circles? Wandering aimlessly —you've been busy all day but wonder what you've ...
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Overwhelmed? Distracted? Frazzled? Frustrated? Is it showing in your actions and attitude? Do you need an attitude adjustment? Our Name of God this Week:  Jehovah Mekoddishkem ...
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It’s easy to become discouraged when we look at the world and the daily suffering and discord we observe all around us. It’s easy to ...
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Where do you run when the ills of your soul are in need of healing? When you find yourself brokenhearted, broken in body or spirit ...
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What is your greatest need today? Our Name of God this Week: Jehovah Jireh —The Lord Will Provide Genesis 22:13-14 is the key verse and ...
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Adonai, Jehovah—LORD God

Who's ruling your roost? What's got your attention? Who's calling the shots? Our Name(s) of God this Week: Adonai —Lord, Master and Jehovah —LORD God. Adonai means Lord, Master. Lord ...
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El Elyon—God Most High

Have you experienced a difficult or hard situation where it seemed as if everything was going wrong, things seemed hopeless and you wondered where God ...
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Elohim Creator God

Where do you run in times of trouble, worry or fear? When temptation seeks to overtake you? When your energy is spent? Where do you run ...
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Where Do You Run?

Where do you run... When you're troubled and worried? When your energy is spent? When you're weary from running? When you feel insecure? When the ...
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Hi! I'm Susan,

I am a lover of books, antiques, gardening, decorating, baking, and all things family and home.

I am a Christ-follower who is addicted to God's Word and so thankful for how He transforms my life through it! This blog is just me sharing my walk with Jesus and all He teaches me in all the seasons and circumstances of my life. It is my hope this blog encourages you to fill your life with beauty and Truth.

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