Girls Love Chocolate!

Lessons on /rəˈlāt-ing/

 re·late  /rəˈlāt/ (Merriam-Webster) : to show or make a connection between (two or more things) : to understand and like or have sympathy for someone ...
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Fall Report Card

Earlier this year I shared some thoughts on my goals for 2015. I committed to pouring more energy and time into four areas: Reading. Writing. ...
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Girls Love Chocolate!

A few years ago, I ran across some pieces of pottery that expressed some of  the things we love as women. One piece in particular ...
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Susan Cady Photo

Hi! I'm Susan,

I am a lover of books, antiques, gardening, decorating, baking, and all things family and home.

I am a Christ-follower who is addicted to God's Word and so thankful for how He transforms my life through it! This blog is just me sharing my walk with Jesus and all He teaches me in all the seasons and circumstances of my life. It is my hope this blog encourages you to fill your life with beauty and Truth.



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