A Steady Heart in Bad News

A Renewed Perspective and Refreshed Mindset

A new perspective is so often what I need.  This past weekend, I officially entered my 50's and "wasting away" takes on new meaning.  Unfortunately, ...
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Change Your Mindset

Sometimes my thoughts can drive me crazy and leave me mentally exhausted!  The information that floods my head on a daily basis can be overwhelming ...
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Perfect Peace of Mind

                You will keep the mind that is dependent on You in perfect peace, for it is trusting ...
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An Overwhelmed Heart

When my heart and soul are... overwhelmed doubting anxious full of multiplying cares. God's presence is... my comfort my renewed hope my cheer my joy ...
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Fearful...? Anxious...? Worried...? Stressed...? Overwhelmed...? Distracted...? Lay it all down at the feet of Jesus! ...pray ...ask ...give thanks ...praise And experience the presence of ...
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Antidote for the “What If” and “If Only”

When our thoughts begin to wander the path of  "what if..." and "if only..." in a situation, it brings about discouragement, discontent, despair, and doubt. It causes ...
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A Steady Heart in Bad News

Our hearts can be steady and firm in times of trouble and bad news. Psalm 112:1 tells us we can have firm and steadfast hearts ...
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Hi! I'm Susan,

I am a lover of books, antiques, gardening, decorating, baking, and all things family and home.

I am a Christ-follower who is addicted to God's Word and so thankful for how He transforms my life through it! This blog is just me sharing my walk with Jesus and all He teaches me in all the seasons and circumstances of my life. It is my hope this blog encourages you to fill your life with beauty and Truth.



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