Medical Update: Good Progress


For those of you who have been following along with my mom’s progress, thank you so much for caring for her by checking in here and praying for her. She has shared that she definitely feels your prayers and feels like Jesus is her constant companion. So thank you!

My mom is still in pre-intensive care, and the adjective that best describes her progress is good. Her mood has greatly improved. As seen here:

Most of her issues have been GI-related, so a dietitian came by and gave her some options to help. She had potato soup yesterday, and today she got to have potatoes, green beans, and fresh fruit! Her most substantial meal yet. This was a great blessing as she has been craving fresh whole food after TWELVE days of broth, jello, and juice.

Her oxygen levels continue to improve, and they are working to wean her off the high flow nasal tube. She says her doctors are pleased with her progress but are reminding her that progress will happen in baby steps. She said she is learning to slow down and rest in God’s strength in her weakness.

How you can pray/praise:

-Thank the Lord for an excellent day today! She is feeling and acting more like herself.

-Thank the Lord for a great dinner!

-That she will rest in God’s timing and not push her limits. For patience. Join her in praying 2 Corinthians 12:9-10.

-That progress will continue to be good and for continued healing.


Thank you!


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