Medical Update (and Some Corrections)


I have a few updates to share and a few corrections to make. Let’s start with the corrections, shall we?

First, I mentioned a couple posts back that my mom was in a “regular” room. That wasn’t true. She had been moved to a pre-intensive care room, because she didn’t need quite as much care as she needed when she moved to ICU originally. So it was a mark of progress. However, as of Sunday night, she HAS moved to a regular room! She was even able to get a glimpse of the sunrise, which she has been missing the past few weeks.

Second, I failed to say that she had pneumonia, which was diagnosed on her first day in the hospital. I don’t have much information on the progress of that, though.

The room move means more freedom for her to move around, which is definitely a blessing! However, with the new freedom comes fatigue from re-acclimating to do some things on her own again. She is on the high-flow nasal tube and simple tasks take her lots of time and energy to tackle. This is probably why, if you have reached out to her, she may not have responded to your texts or messages. She wants you to know that she sees them and God has used messages of Scripture and encouragement and prayers to comfort and lift her heart at just the perfect moments when loneliness sets in. Please continue to encourage her in this way! And please continue to check back here for updates; I’ll do my best to be timely and thorough.

Recently my 7-year-old copied a poem for her cursive handwriting practice, and one of the stanzas stuck out to me as I thought of my mom and how she might feel right now:

And does it not seem hard to you,
When all the sky is clear and blue,
And I should like so much to play,
To have to go to bed by day?
-Bed in Summer, Robert Louis Stevenson

How you can pray:
-Praise God for new freedom and a room with a view of the sunrise!
-For wisdom for decisions regarding recovery from Covid long-term
-For energy and patience as she gradually increases her movement and activity

Thank you for praying!


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