Psalm 118-5-Unstuck

Four years ago, I was in a funk! It was a difficult time and things just did not seem to be going as planned. I found myself extremely discouraged and discontent. It was nothing earth-shattering—no grave illness or life-altering circumstance. And I had many REALLY good things in my life for which to be thankful. And yet, I felt stuck. Stuck with little hope that things would change. Stuck with a case of the blahs, and a bad attitude to go with it! I had resigned myself to the situation and my pity party was underway. Summer was approaching and everywhere I turned everyone else’s life seemed to be going to well (and we know this is never as accurate as we tend to see it in our own heads). Nevertheless, with all the talk and Facebook and Instagram posts on the excitement of summer plans, trips to the beach, cruises, and “beautiful, perfect-looking” lives, my pity-party was in full swing!

I pleaded with the Lord to help me come to terms with my life and things “as they were”—even if nothing changed. His answer: cultivate gratitude. His answer: “look to Me!”. The Lord planted an idea: use the imagery of summer as prompts to praise Him and give thanks.

“When hard pressed, I cried to the Lord; he brought me into a spacious place.” —Psalm 118:5 (NIV)

I began sharing the daily Scripture verses that were encouraging me and my journal thoughts in posts on Facebook and through this blog. Eventually, this became a devotional series titled, Summer Soak. It is a testimony of the power of God’s Word, prayer, and the work of the Holy Spirit in my life bringing me up out of a pit and setting my feet in a spacious and beautiful place. A transformation was taking place—not a change in my situation, but my mindset, perspective, and attitude. The Lord used it to get me moving again. Unstuck!

I am eternally grateful for my Jesus who does not leave me in my sin. He is the ONE who never leaves or forsakes me, is always present, ever faithful, and beckons me always to come to Him. Look to Him. Rest in Him. He takes ashes and turns them into something beautiful in our lives.

Four years later, I took a step of faith and this devotional is now available in print and as an ebook. If you’re feeling discontent with life, if you’re in a discouraging place, if you could use some peace and hope, or if you just want to grow in your walk with Jesus, perhaps this devotional book will be an encouragement to you.

You can find it here.

Always Jesus. Only Jesus. He alone is worthy of all our praise!

Rejoicing in Him!

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