Day 1: God is Marvelous Light!

WORD Art_Ps 118_27

WORD Art_Ps 118_27

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2 thoughts on “Day 1: God is Marvelous Light!”

  1. I praise You, O Lord, because You are the marvelous Light that has overcome darkness and shines upon me. Because You are Light, Your presence in my life brings comfort, knowing You will shine Your light on an area in my life that needs the darkness to leave, so that You can be glorified. I am glad You don’t shine a spotlight on every dark area in my life, all at once, that I would get discouraged. Rather, You see me as a work in progress and expose the darkness a little at a time. Help me to remember that You, also, are working in your other children’s lives the same way as in mine. May we pray for one another that Your light will overcome the darkness in our lives that we are holding onto, so that You will receive all the glory as we shine before others. I praise You and celebrate the fact that because You are light, I can trust You to change me!

    1. Eleanor, thanks for sharing your praise prayer with us! What a great reminder and truth that He does not “spotlight” all darkness at once in our lives and He is so faithful to change us in His timing.

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