Day 2: God is Radiant Light!

File Jun 06, 9 49 26 AM

File Jun 06, 9 49 26 AM


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3 thoughts on “Day 2: God is Radiant Light!”

  1. I looked up ashamed from Ps. 34:5 and found it to be in the active voice which just means the subject of the verb as accomplishing the action described by the verb. If I am understanding this correctly, it seems like we have two choices in this verse….look to God, show our trust in Him, and then radiate His light OR trust in self, go your own way, and then be ashamed, realizing you brought the shame, disgrace, embarrassment, humiliation upon yourself. No one brought it upon you. You did it to yourself by making the wrong choice. I pray we will all look to Him today, so we won’t be ashamed. Any thoughts on this?

  2. As a babe in Christ Ps. 34 I learned as a song and it has always my lean on verses. For instance I make a choice to Bless the Lord at All Times, not just the good ones, and for it to continually be in my mouth. I was a P/W leader and there were times I had a hard time but HE reminded me, Holy Spirit within me always has praises to the Father. My husband of 54yrs recently entered heaven, the prayers of the Saints and His Peace, Comfort, Love continue to enfold me in this awesome experience in Jesus. It has open doors for me to Boast in Him, because I sought the Lord and HE heard me, and has delivered from all my fears. To the Glory of God

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