Lesson 1: Psalms 1-2


Where do you find joy and hope in life? Psalms 1-2 are the introduction to the book of Psalms. The Psalms are the place in the Bible where we often turn for help in times of trouble, hope in despair, and joy in times of sorrow. Let’s explore these psalms together.

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Genre: Poetry
Context Clues: Imagery, metaphors, contrasts, Jesus as the righteous man and anointed King. Psalms 1-2 are an introduction to the entire book of Psalms.

Psalms 1 voices the big question, “Who will you listen to?”

Psalms 2 explains how we live in a world of rebellion. This isn’t a new concept. This has always been our problem since Genesis 3, when man first rebelled against God and decided to listen to his own voice and follow the desires of his own heart instead of listening to and following God’s instruction.

Take a moment to read through Psalms 1-2. Look for repeated words or ideas. What imagery do you find, and what is it being used to describe? What answers do you find to the questions of who we are to listen to in life and how we are to live in a world marked by sin and rebellion?


We could organize and summarize the verses of Psalms 1  like this (Structure):
1:1-3 = the righteous man stands not with the wicked
1:4-6 = the wicked man stands not with the righteous

We could organize and summarize the verses of Psalms 2  like this (Structure):
2:1-3 = We live in a world of rebellion
2:4-6 = God’s response to rebellion
2:7-9 = the rule of the Son
2:10-12 = the response of the wise

Psalms 1-2 could be titled: Why are we here, and why is our world in such a big mess?

Psalms 1 introduces the righteous man/woman who delights in and meditates upon God’s Word day and night. The blessed listens to the voice of God instead of the voices of the world enticing to independent ways and sin. The blessed in Psalm 1 experience “ešer”—well-being in every area of life.

Psalms 2 expounds on the problem—it’s our own sinful hearts and minds that are drawn to live independently from God. We are naturally drawn to the ways of the world and our desire to run our own lives.

Psalms 2 also introduces the solution: An Anointed King, the Son. Psalm 2 is a royal psalm, and these titles reference Jesus Christ—the only truly blessed and righteous man to walk this earth, who redeemed our wayward hearts, which are always prone to wander.

Psalm 2:8 is God speaking of His Son, King Jesus, who will one day rule the nations and the earth! Psalm 2:12 ends with a reminder: blessed are all who take refuge in Him.

Psalms 1-2 presents an overview of the entire Psalms: Blessed is the righteous man—an impossibility apart from the redemption we find in Jesus.


There are always voices vying for our ears. What are the voices you are listening to in your daily life? Do they align with God’s Word? We want to be women who live under the blessing described in Psalm 1, but we all know it’s easier said than done. But Psalm 2 provides the answer—King Jesus! As Psalm 2:12 reminds us, we are to take refuge in King Jesus—both for our redemption and in our daily moments until we meet Him face to face.

We will see these ideas expounded upon in the next 148 Psalms. Keep these themes in mind as we make our way through our study.

Rejoicing in Jesus!


Next week: Psalms 42-43 (Lament Psalms)

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