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Join us as we study God’s Word together! All you need is a Bible, a notebook and a pen. Dig In is a Bible study method that will take you through books of the Bible, rather than a topical approach to Bible study.  Learn simple reading and Bible study tips that will enable you to understand and apply God’s Word accurately to your daily life. Let’s grow in our relationship with Jesus and God’s Word as we learn from one another. Bible study happens best in community!

Our Summer study is an introduction to the psalms. Psalms are poetry with several sub-genres. We will look at a different type/sub-genre each week: Lament, Thanksgiving and Praise.

We’ll begin in Psalms 1-2. As you read look for the imagery used and ask what the author is trying to convey through it. Look for repeated words and phrases. Look for contrasts.

Download the Psalm Study Guide for background and context clues to help as you read the psalms.

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