Day 24: A Refuge in the Storm

WORD Art_PS 5_11

WORD Art_PS 5_11

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2 thoughts on “Day 24: A Refuge in the Storm”

  1. One of our SummerSOAK followers shared this song with me today. She heard it just after reading today’s blogpost. It’s perfect! I love how God works. Thanks for sharing Kristen.

    1. This was a perfect song for this lesson! Thanks Kristen and Susan for sharing it!!

      From one “lighthouse lover” to another, I must thank you, Susan, for this reminder:
      “Too often our tendency is to seek refuge in things other than the presence of God and His Word. But God calls us to “take refuge” in Him.” God and His Word is our Light(house). (Ps. 119:105)
      Your questions at the beginning will certainly be a good starting place for me as I examine my life to see “where I run for my refuge” in times of trouble.

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