Day 13: His Mighty Strength

WORDArt_Day 13

WORDArt_Day 13

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6 thoughts on “Day 13: His Mighty Strength”

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  2. Shouting Halleluiah!! And Amen!! Yes! He inspires continuous shouts of joy for His redemption, His provision and overwhelming love he lavishes on our lives!!

  3. I wonder, after reading your paragraph, “the more aware I am of….” (which really spoke to me), is the reason why sin continues to grow. Instead of focusing on the character of God and how holy He is, we tend to compare ourselves with others around us and conclude our sin isn’t as bad as their sin. How different the body of Christ would look to the unsaved world, if only we would, as you said, come face to face with our sin when we enter His presence and see who we are apart from Him.

  4. Thanks for your insight. Eleanor. And I agree, the comparison game is so devastating on so many levels.

    “Oh Lord, help us, Your church, to glorify and magnify You to a watching world…and let it begin with me. Cleanse my heart and be my only plumbline.”

  5. Amen!!!!! May we seek and heed the Holy Spirit’s conviction to repent from our multitude of sins and be grateful for the forgiveness so freely given to us.

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