Day 12: Who Is Like You, Lord?

WORDArt_Day 12

WORDArt_Day 12

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4 thoughts on “Day 12: Who Is Like You, Lord?”

    1. Jacqueline, yes mine too! He rules and He stills and calms. Two things I need in my life every day. Thanks for sharing!

  1. I agree with both of you, Jacqueline and Susan! What a visual verse that one is!! Since God rules the raging of the sea and can still the waves, when they rise, then I know when the “storms of life” come raging at me, He can still them, whenever He desires. Sometimes, I may need a “storm” to last longer than other times. But if I remember, during these times, to take shelter under the wings of the Almighty, then He can direct me, comfort me, speak to me, and just hold me close to Him until the “storm” passes. What an awesome God we serve! There is none like Him!!

  2. This is such a beautiful, reassuring message that I really needed today. The faithfulness of God is so amazing, if we will just let his word wash over us. Thanks for your inspirational messages, they are a blessing to me.

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