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My #oneword365 for 2016 is awaken! 2015 was a good year for our family. It was productive and full of blessing and provision. It brought new challenges and new friendships. And it brought some much-needed relief  in the area of our finances after six plus years of waiting and working hard! But as I ended 2015 and headed into 2016, one word described how I felt body, soul and spirit… tired. I’m tired. I can think of several things I “want” to do in 2016 in several areas of my life, and yet I have no energy or drive to get there…or even begin. I need the Lord to awaken me! To bring back to life passions and pursuits that I have laid aside or given up on. I need him to awaken and revive me body, soul and spirit. His awakening presence will be the key!

If you’ve never used #oneword to focus and be intentional throughout the year, I’d highly recommend it.  The Lord has been impressing one word or theme into my life for the last ten or so years, and it’s always been powerful and productive —always a great time of growth and experiencing His presence in new and amazing ways in my life. You can find out more here, and join with a community of people who are doing the same thing. It’s great encouragement and accountability.

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