Making Memories Can Be Messy

This past weekend we enjoyed hosting some friends who were part of our lives eight years ago when we hosted a small group in our home. Over the years, these young families have grown in number. We had 21 in our little cottage ranging in age from 10 months to 54 years. The house was full of life and noise and little feet in and out the screen door. Food was consumed, spilled and even smeared. We reminisced. We laughed. We encouraged one another. We have a bond formed years ago as we met weekly for almost two years and did life together. When we met, we were still in our rental home of 11 years. They listened and encouraged and prayed with us as we lamented that we felt we’d never own a home again. It was so great having them in our new home. And somewhere in the night a curtain rod was pulled from the wall by active little boys…but it’s all good! The rod can be repaired. I’d rather have the memories of a night spent with friends.

Making memories can be messy, but always worth it!


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Susan Cady

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