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Hey friends, it’s been a while!  I’ve struggled lately to get to this blog. I’ve struggled to find things to write. It’s been a stressful season of life for me this last year and a half and I’m just beginning to come out on the other side. I needed some rest. I hope to write a future post on all God has been teaching me these last 18 months. But for now, I’ve found something that has sparked my heart and soul and I wanted to share with you all.

I’ve begun using a new Bible study/devotional resource recently—Journibles. Have you heard of them? I had not until a friend shared them with me. I was intrigued so, of course, I headed over to Amazon to check them out! I decided to purchase one based on Psalm 119 (one of my favorite psalms). It was $4 and I felt worth the cost to try it out. (Sidebar: I have a tendency to “collect” books and Bible studies and Bible study resources and never use them to their fullest potential).

I love Journibles! It’s simple.  You are given space to write out books of Scripture. Each page gives you designated verses to write that day. Verses references and blank lines are on the right-hand side of the page for you to copy the Scriptures (great if you are right-handed). On the left side of the page is blank space for you to journal/record your thoughts on those verses. Every so often in a watermark effect, there is a question to answer or ponder. If you’ve read any of my posts or studied with me in person, you know I encourage slowing down to take in God’s Word rather than rushing through to “get through” a chapter or check off having another Bible study under your belt. God’s Word is water and nourishment for our hungry and thirsty souls and spirits. We need to take the time to get into the Word and allow the Word to work its way into us!

It’s amazing how writing out verses of Scripture help you to do just that…slow down! I’ve read and studied Psalm 119 many times before and I can tend to glance/speed read at times through familiar passages. Writing out these verses slowed me down (for one thing, I didn’t want to have to scratch through or “mess up” my pretty new Journible). In slowing down I picked up on things that I had glossed over in the past.

Another great suggestion from the publishers at Journibles is these books of handwritten Scripture, and your personal thoughts and applications, can become a legacy for you to leave for future generations in your life. I love this idea! I love God’s Word. I want to know and live out God’s Word and I want my children and grandchildren and future generations to know and love and live out God’s Word!

I’ll be taking us through an online study of Psalm 119 this Fall using Journibles. I’d love for you to join us!

Rejoicing in Him!

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Susan Cady

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