Giddy Joy!

Giddy Joy

Giddy Joy

Psalm 33:18-21 struck me today.

Now the eye of the Lord is on those who fear Him —

those who depend on His faithful love

 to deliver them from death

and to keep them alive in famine.

 We wait for Yahweh;

He is our help and shield.

 For our hearts rejoice in Him

because we trust in His holy name.

They eye of the Lord is on those who depend on Him.  My natural mode of operation is independence, which always brings about famine in my soul, and robs me of my joy and peace.  I needed this reminder to DEPEND on His FAITHFUL LOVE.

His faithful love is DEPENDABLE. The Scriptures describe God’s love as faithful and unfailing. I love this word in the original language.  It is the word hesed and it speaks of God’s covenantal love —a love that is steadfast and immovable, faithful even when we are not.  It is a word that describes His mercy, goodness, faithfulness and kindness.  It is central to the character of God.  Psalm 136 uses this word 26 times to make clear that God’s kindness and love are eternal.  His kindness and love is the foundation for His actions and His character.

His faithful love DELIVERS us from death.  How often do I make choices that bring about death?  Death—this word in the original language of the text expresses the idea of ruin and destruction.  How often are my sinful choices bringing about ruin and destruction in my life?  How often do my words bring ruin and destruction?  How often does my attitude bring ruin and destruction?  More often than I care to think about or acknowledge.  But HIS faithful, unfailing love delivers me from this death—from myself and my selfishness.

His faithful love SATISFIES our DEEPEST desires.  His faithful love keeps us alive in famine. How often do I experience a famine of my soul because I hunger and thirst after those things that will never completely satisfy? I set my sights and expectations on this world and the things in it.  And always leave feeling empty and hungering for more.

Our PART is to WAIT upon the Lord and TRUST in His holy name. Waiting carries the idea of expectation, longing, desiring and hoping.  In Scripture the word wait describes a clinging, a binding to, like the twisting of the strands of a rope.  Trust means—to trust in, be secure, to run to for refuge, put one’s confidence in—this is what I am to do with those longings, desires and expectations.  Run to the Lord, find my refuge in His presence, bind myself to Him as the twisting of a rope.  And this makes me strong, confident and satisfied. I can rejoice!

The RESULT —our hearts REJOICE in Him.  Rejoice!  One of my favorite expressions in Scripture.  It means to be joyful and glad.  It describes a state of agitation of rejoicing!  I love that!  So full of joy that I just can’t contain it—I’m agitated with joy.  Some of the actions described in Scripture for joy are dancing, twirling, twisting, a brightened countenance.  One of the words in Hebrew for rejoicing joy is “giyl” and it makes me think of the word “giddy” —Giddy joy!  It’s a joy that is deep, abiding and eternal.  It cannot be contained or constrained by difficulties or hardship.  It transcends the events and happenings of this earth.  Psalm 43:4 describes God as Samach Giyl—literally, my rejoicing joy!

I needed to hear this today.  I needed to be reminded that He is my true satisfaction and He always leaves me rejoicing, giddy, twirling and dancing in my soul and spirit.  When I’ve been in His presence, my face reflects this.  So when I hunger and feel empty, instead of running to those empty places and things that do not satisfy, I will run to Him.

For he satisfies the longing soul, and fills the hungry soul with goodness. Psalm 107:9

What are you hungering for? Where are your empty places?

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