Do You See What I See? Devotional Book

The Christmas Advent series is available in print or ebook on Amazon. This series looks at the Christmas Story from the perspective of some of those involved so long ago.  Each week focuses on a different person and perspective as we examine the text and then explore ways we might apply what we’ve learned to our own lives.

This series can be used over four or five weeks and includes a weekly reading of Scripture, a devotional thought, questions to ponder and a variety of family activities.                   ContentsDo You See What I See FRONT cover

Christmas from Mary’s Perspective

Christmas from Joseph’s Perspective

Christmas from the Shepherds’ Perspective

Christmas from the Magi’s Perspective

Christmas from Simeon & Anna’s Perspective


My prayer is that the Lord would use this study to help refocus your heart this Christmas season on Christ Jesus and foster an attitude of worship, gratitude and giving to others.

Rejoicing in Jesus!

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Susan Cady

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