Do You See What I See? Christmas from Simeon and Anna’s Perspective

Read: Luke 2:21-38

Christmas Day with all of its excited and anticipation is behind us for the year.  A New Year is just around the corner!  This is usually a time when we are reflecting on our past year and making plans and looking forward to the newness of the coming year.  What will the New Year hold?  What joys, sorrows, blessings and disappointments are in store?  None of us know.  But there is something exciting about new beginnings—we make resolutions, we clean out the clutter and we set new goals.  But if you are like most of us, we are often into the next year just a short time, when our perseverance begins to give out and we tend to give up.  We give up on many of those plans we made and goals we set.  Our passage this week speaks to this very idea of anticipation and perseverance.  Remember, Christmas is not just about one day or season a year, but is a mindset and spirit that should guide our thoughts and actions all throughout the year.

UPDATE} This devotional is no longer available on the blog. Now available in print or ebook on Amazon.

Copyright ©2006, Susan Cady

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