Do You See What I See? Christmas from Mary’s Perspective

Christmas is upon us! Many of us have already been preparing our homes for Christmas, scheduling our holiday calendar of activities and have probably even done some Christmas shopping. Perhaps you’ve set out at Nativity in your home or yard.

Have you ever wondered what those present during the first Christmas were thinking? In this one moment, this one encounter—when the Word became flesh and dwelt among us—each of their lives were forever changed. Each of them had different encounters, at different times and from different perspectives.

What can we learn from their response to Jesus’ arrival? Just as their lives were changed by this glorious encounter, Jesus’ presence in our lives should change us and our perspectives. It should change the way we think, believe and act in our daily lives.

It is my prayer these lessons from the Nativity story will help you prepare your hearts this Advent season. You might consider using these each week for family devotions, as a tool to prepare your hearts and to read through the Christmas story, learning more about those who first encountered the Christ child who would change the world forever.  Each week will contain questions and family activities for children of all ages, most of which I’ve used through the years with our own children during the Advent season.

Christmas from Mary’s Perspective…

UPDATE: This devotional series is no longer available on the blog. Now available in print and ebook on Amazon

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