Day 22: True Joy!

WORD Art_Ps 16_11

WORD Art_Ps 16_11

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4 thoughts on “Day 22: True Joy!”

  1. Your posts are certainly what my spirit needs this season. Thank You, Susan
    by the way…..Does anyone else out there automatically tilt their head to the side when you’re reading italics?
    (Don’t you judge me. I know I’m crazy – but I have fun.)

    1. Thanks Connie! So thankful the Lord is using some of what He’s teaching me to encourage others. And I’ll try to keep a handle on the italics…don’t want neck cramps…LOL!

  2. I was blessed by reading this and how true it is when we try to mix Joy of the LORD and our own happiness as the same…

    We should always have the Joy of the Holy Spirit within us no matter of our circumstances…

    This is a great reminder!

    1. It is a great reminder of where true joy comes from!!
      I also liked the part that said, “Joy is the overflow of the depth of my relationship with God, therefore I need to cultivate that relationship.” How true that is! I have noticed whenever I spend quality time in God’s Word, I leave with a deeper joy in The Lord than when I started!

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