Day 19: While You Wait…

WORD Art_PS 27_14

WORD Art_PS 27_14

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2 thoughts on “Day 19: While You Wait…”

  1. Loved the word studies! The picture of binding ourselves to God like a twisted rope really gave me a visual of wait.
    As you asked, Susan, about some practical things we can do “while we wait”, I was led to Bruce Wilkinson’s book, Secrets of The Vine and was amazed at what I learned. In it he says “Abiding (which reminds me of the twisted rope visual) is all about the most important friendship of your life. Abiding doesn’t measure how much you know about your faith or your Bible. In abiding, you seek, long for, thirst for, WAIT FOR, see, know, love, hear, and respond to…a PERSON. More abiding means more of God in your life, more of Him in your activities, thoughts, and desires.
    The challenge in abiding is always to break from dutiful activities to a living, flourishing relationship with God. HOW?
    (A) To break through to abiding, I must deepen the quality of my devoted (something set apart for God) time with God,
    (1) Set apart the kind of time that will build relationship.
    (2) Savor God’s Words to you, like a love letter from God to you. Remember, you’re reading in order to meet Someone.
    (3) Talk and listen to a Person. God wants you to talk to Him like you would a friend.
    (4) Keep a daily written record of what God is doing in your life.
    (B) To break through to abiding I must broaden my devoted time – taking it from a morning appointment to an all-day attentiveness to His presence.”

    “In abiding, what happens on the surface doesn’t count; what’s happening inside does.”
    “Communion with God is a relationship, not a sensation.”

    Hope all of this helps someone, like it ministered to me!

    1. Eleanor thanks so much for that insight and quote on abiding! Perfect. Love this part: “taking it from a morning appointment to an all-day attentiveness to His presence.” Great word!

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